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Northwest Forklift

Northwest Forklift reached out to us after having a hard time moving its marketing and operations into the 21 century. Scroll down to learn how we helped modernize their business and marketing efforts.

Pain Points

Stunted growth due to no website or digital presence

No CRM or inventory management systems

Used Inventory turnover low and constantly decreasing

Growth Potentials

A new website and Google business listing

A new website and Google business listing will give Northwest Folklift the life they need in reaching people looking for its services. Having no website has led to stunted growth and increased competition.

Fully customizable inventory management and CRM system

Not having a proper inventory system and CRM as led to lost clients and by implementing a new CRM paired with a proper automated followup system, Northwest Forklift is better positioned to leverage its current clientele.

Retargeting campaigns and promotions

Retargeting campaigns targeting past clients or anyone that has viewed only one of their new digital pages will allow them to increase used inventory turnover.

Modernized Branding

During this project, proper branding allowed Northwest Forklift to leverage a new digital environment that wasn't previously accesable to them.

Massive Growth
They are seeing a 1400% increase in traffic and visitors to their new site and getting new leads daily.

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