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Mark White Photograhy

After opening a physical photography studio, Mark White was looking for new creative ways to market himself to businesses looking for professional photography.

Pain Points

Its a challenge turning followers into paying customers

His work appeals to two different audiences (Lack of focus)

His studio goes unnoticed and has no digital presence.

Growth Potentials

Mark Whites's photography speaks for itself and we wanted to build a campaign that leverages his photography and not only inspires, but promotes his business focused work to professionals.

Capitalizing off of high engaging followers

With a passion for two types of photography (Professional and Street), it has been hard to focus on a specific niche when posting to socials and promoting himself online. A more niched campaign for a specific target audience will help him get the exposure and clientele he is looking for.

Focused Targeting

A physical location is what makes him stand out from his competition, taking this location and promoting it on Google to locals looking for photography will help increase local awareness and give him and edge on his compeition.

Location awarness

Modernized Branding

This client was special to us because he captures something most photographers over look in the Seattle area. Creating a personal brand for him that complemented both his professional side and street art side was most important to us.



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