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Bloom Juice

Bloom Juice came to Flying Start Marketing looking to growth solutions to pull them out of a difficult situation driven by the pandemic of 2020. Below are some solutions that allowed them to thrive!

Pain Points

Declining sales due to store closures during covid

New location is having trouble maintaining profitability compared to sister store

Low margins due to high variable costs

Growth Potentials

eCommerce based touch-free fulfilment

Running a physical location during the pandemic put a lot of business owners in a difficult position. Our solution to the problem was to capitalize off of the growing use of food delivery service apps like uber eats and grub hub. We designed a new e-commerce store that allowed their current customer base to continue buying their products. This continued after the pandemic and has given them a new sales channel to capitalize on.

Adequate targeting through paid socials to spread awareness about new location

After opening a new location, Bloom Juice had a hard time spreading awareness and pushing traffic to their new store. Our solutions was to leverage their existing customer base and target new customers through PPC ads to reach a well defined audience. This increased foot traffic and made their new store profitable. 

New packaging will lower product costs and boost product margins

Bloom Juices' variable costs came down to their expensive packaging. Using glass bottles was a nice tough but dug into their profit margins leaving them with little room to spend on marketing and growth. By switching to plastic packing they lowered their product costs by over 50%.

Our Results

Starting with fresh content and a new website. We gave Me's Way a more modernized brand image and allowed them to capitalise off of a more high-end product category.


Increase in sales within 1 month.


Increase in website traffic within 1 months.


Increase in AOV in 1 month


Increase in online store conversion rate

Modernized Branding

During this project, proper branding allowed us to provide Bloom Juice with a website with a personality and an experience.

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